Street Art in Dublin: find the best spots

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When I travel, one thing I always look forward to is discovering the vibrant street art that adorns the city. Graffiti has a unique way of adding brightness and cheerfulness to the urban landscape, and for me, it's a form of art that enhances our lives. What makes graffiti truly special is the often powerful message it conveys – a means of expressing political, economic, and social beliefs and criticisms. Dublin is no exception, boasting a creative and artistic atmosphere that easily inspires. Here, I've compiled a list of my favorite murals around Dublin and the meaningful messages they convey. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and consider checking them out when you visit our lively city!


Subset collective murals


Subset is a collective of artists, designers, filmmakers, and curators with the mission to spark reflections and dialogues on social issues through their art. They aspire to transform not just Dublin but all of Ireland into an open-air gallery, positioning the country as a cultural trailblazer. Their impactful artwork addresses important themes.



Climate Project by Subset collective


Located in the Temple Bar area on the EBS building in Fleet Street, Subset's Climate Project mural draws attention to the critical issue of plastic waste and its devastating impact on oceans. The artwork, featuring a fish trapped in a plastic bag, aims to raise awareness about the percolation of plastic – its persistence in small, nearly invisible pieces that continue to harm the environment. This mural is part of the larger "Climate" project, focused on making people aware of climate change, its causes, and consequences.


Mental Health 

Mental Health by Subset collective


Subset's "Mental Health" project encourages reflection on the relationship individuals have with themselves and the importance of personal growth. The mural highlights the widespread issue of anxiety and includes a striking depiction of Epictetus with the words "Don't worry, be happy." The artwork prompts viewers to consider the significance of mental well-being and the small joys in life.


CORONAVIRUS: The virus area


The virus era by Subset collective


Subset's latest work addresses the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing insights into Ireland's projections and response to the crisis. The analysis and thoughts behind this mural are shared on their website, offering diverse perspectives on the current situation. 


Love Lane 

Love Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin


As part of Dublin City Council's "Love the Lanes" project, Love Lane in Temple Bar has become a colorful and charming spot in the city. Renovated with beautiful street art, the lane features romantic quotes from movies, local sayings, and loving words by famous authors.


Camden Street 

 U are alive by Arches and MASER


Camden Street boasts a unique atmosphere with its famous pubs and incredible street art. The lane close to The Wheelans pub showcases vibrant artworks, including "U ARE ALIVE" by Arches and MASER, encouraging people to embrace the present moment.


Canbe Hostels 

Canbe Hostels paintings


Last but not least: Canbe hostels, which have you covered on the north and south side of the city, are taken by the colourful and good vibes of @m5ifty paintings! They are spread around both properties bringing happiness to our fellow travellers! :)


Enjoy your artistic walk around Dublin! 


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