Irish Weather: What expect and how to pack

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Get ready for the playful Irish weather, where rain, sunshine, and surprises take center stage. Planning a trip to Dublin? Let's explore the weather each month and share some tips for a cosy and fashionable visit in our lovely (and grey) Emerald Island.

Dublin's weather has its own charm, featuring a mix of rain and sunshine. To prepare for your trip, let's dive into a month-by-month breakdown and discover how to stay comfortable and stylish during your Dublin adventure.


Spring (March to May):

Dublin begins to bloom, and temperatures hover between 8 to 15°C (46 to 59°F). It's a mix of rain and sunshine, so layer up with a waterproof jacket and pack those stylish, yet sturdy, walking shoes. Hit up popular shops like Penneys (well known as Primark in other countries) or Dunnes Stores for affordable and trendy spring wear.


Summer (June to August):

Summer brings milder temperatures ranging from 14 to 20°C (57 to 68°F). Embrace the sun but keep that umbrella handy – rain might surprise you. Light layers, sunglasses, and a waterproof jacket are your summer style essentials. Explore Grafton Street for fashionable finds and unique boutiques.


Autumn (September to November):

Autumn paints Dublin with warm hues, and temperatures range from 8 to 15°C (46 to 59°F). Pack a mix of sweaters, a good pair of jeans, and a waterproof coat for those occasional showers. Raid vintage stores like Lucy's Lounge for eclectic fall fashion.


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Winter (December to February):

Winter brings chilly weather, averaging between 2 to 8°C (36 to 46°F). Bundle up with a cosy coat, scarves, and gloves. Layering is the key to combat the cold, and local department stores like Brown Thomas or SuperDry offer a mix of high-end and affordable winter wear.


Clothing Tips:

Layers, Layers, Layers: The Irish weather is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're gonna get. Layering allows you to adapt to sudden changes in temperature. Prepare for the unpredictable Irish weather by mastering the art of layering. Whether the sun decides to shine, or the clouds gather, having multiple layers allows you to easily adapt to the ever-changing temperatures, ensuring comfort throughout your Dublin adventure. 


Waterproof (everything): Invest in a good waterproof jacket. You'll thank yourself when the inevitable drizzle decides to make an appearance. Dublin's weather can be as unpredictable as it gets, and a good waterproof jacket is your ultimate defence. Investing in quality waterproof gear ensures you stay dry and comfortable when the inevitable Irish drizzle decides to join your exploration. It's a small investment that pays off when the rain starts to fall.


Comfortable shoes: Dublin is a city meant to be explored on foot, with its charming cobbled streets and hidden gems. Make sure to pack your most comfortable pair of shoes to navigate the city comfortably. From spontaneous explorations to leisurely strolls, comfortable shoes are a must for a delightful Dublin experience.


Scarves and hats: Not only do scarves and hats add a stylish touch to your outfit, but they also serve as practical accessories to keep you warm in the brisk Irish weather. Be sure to pack these essentials to stay cosy while adding a flair of fashion to your Dublin Street style.


Umbrella: A compact umbrella is a Dublin essential. The weather can change in an instant, and having a compact, portable umbrella ensures you're ready for any unexpected downpour. It's your trusty companion, providing just enough coverage without weighing you down during your city explorations.


Second-hand clothes: Finding second-hand shops in Dublin might vary, but here are some well-known thrift and vintage stores where you can discover used clothes. Explore these options for sustainable and unique fashion in the city. Check out these shops in town for cheap clothes and accessories: Siopaella, Oxfam, Nine Crows, Lucy’s Lounge, Dublin Vintage Factory, and The Harlequin.


Packing Tips:

Pick a strong backpack with lots of pockets for easy packing. Choose light and flexible clothes, and roll them up to save space. Remember to bring these to make your journey stress-free with comfy and efficient choices! 

Adapter: Don't forget a power adapter for your gadgets. Ireland uses a different socket type (Type G).

Rain gear: A foldable raincoat and a small umbrella will be your saviours.

Backpack: A sturdy backpack for daily adventures. Throw in some snacks, a water bottle, and your camera.

Travel insurance: It's a lifesaver. Ensure you're covered for any unexpected events.

Reusable water bottle: Dublin tap water is safe to drink and most of the places will fill your bottle for free, so bring a reusable bottle to stay hydrated. 

Person sit in the floor packing their backpack 

Dublin's weather may keep you on your toes, but with the right clothing and a sprinkle of preparedness, you'll dance through the seasons with ease. Happy travels!

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