The Backpacker checklist: everything that needs to be in your backpack

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It’s not easy to make sure you are travelling with the things you need, and a good backpacker knows how important it is to be prepared before you go on a new adventure. We are big fans of checklists since it is always harder to forget the important things you need to bring once they are listed together somewhere. To help you in this challenging task, we prepared a guide with all the absolutely indispensable items you should pack when preparing for your next trip:


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It’s important to make sure you are keeping documents and cash in a safe space 

When travelling somewhere new it is very important that the first thing on your checklist is to make sure all your documents are up to date, and that you will have somewhere safe to keep them during your trip. A waist bag or money belt is a good item to add to your checklist, there are smaller versions that go under your shirt and are very discrete, being only big enough to fit your passport, cards and some cash. It won’t take much space and will avoid any stress happening during your time abroad relating to missed documents or cash, you can never be too careful with these things.


Another tip for any fellow traveller is always to bring a padlock so you can keep your backpack locked at any time you are gone from your accommodation. When travelling abroad, you can avoid bringing a big amount of cash with you by utilizing an international debit card that will automatically convert any transaction to the currency of the visiting country, that way you don’t need to worry about having to leave money in your room or bringing a big amount with you at all times.


Indispensable items on any backpacking trip:

Any backpacker has their favourite items to bring on a trip to make your experience more wholesome. We gathered here a few things mentioned in most traveller’s checklists: Earplugs and Eye Sleep Mask to use on the plane, and when you sleep if you are staying in a shared room or close to a busy street, this way you avoid having a bad night's sleep and can be always well rested for your next day exploring; International plug adaptor, so you can charge your phone and use any other device that requires electricity; A good power bank so you can bring it with you during the day to avoid your phone of running out of battery.


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 A travel towel that folds to be small can easily fit in any bag in case you decide to go for a swim or sit around in a park; Packing cubes so you can separate the dirty laundry from the clean pieces of clothes during your time travelling, it makes life so much easier to know where everything is when you need to open your backpack; Thermal water bottle that you can fill up every morning and bring with you around the day, it will keep the liquid cold and avoid you having to buy single-use plastic to have a drink; A Pocket Umbrella to keep you dry even if it's raining on your destination.



The best clothes packing checklist for travellers:

When thinking about the pieces of clothes you want to bring in your backpack the main thing to guide you should be the weather where you are going to visit. Winter demands more pieces of clothes that you will need, but try to pack smartly, with pieces that go together and are lightweight, but also strong against the cold, such as thermal leggings and tops. If you are heading to a hot destination, try to pack as light as possible, giving preference to neutral colours that can be worn together in varied combinations.  


Independently of the season, some items should always be in your backpack: a good raincoat - even in summer heavy rains might occur, it’s always good to be prepared for a wet day with a nice waterproof material jacket and trousers that won’t take up too much space in your bag; Good walking shoes - all backpackers know they will be spending a lot of time walking around during their trips, so make sure you are packing your most confortable shoes, no more than two pairs. If you are planning to do some outdoors activities such as hiking, bring appropriate footwear. Extra socks and underwear, a good trick for when you are packing these items is to bring one for each day you will be on your trip, plus a couple of extra pairs for any emergency.




What hygiene items should a backpacker bring?

Start with the obvious: travel-size Toothbrush and toothpaste, then a travel-size shampoo, conditioner (if you use it), and soap. Even if you are checking in a bag, try to not bring products in full size, you can always find small adequate containers for your hygiene items and make sure you are using the extra space for other important things. Strong sun cream and a good moisturizer are also very needed and will keep your skin safe despite the change of environment and the time spent outdoors during your trip. If you have a tendency to dry lips, bring a hydrating lip balm in your hygiene bag too, and a foldable hairbrush that won't take up much space.



The complete packing checklist for your next adventure:


     important documents (eg: travel insurance)

     money belt


     international debit card


     eye sleep mask

     International plug adaptor

     power bank

     travel size towel

     thermal water bottle

     pocket Umbrella

     thermal leggings and tops


     waterproof clothes

     confortable and adequate shoes

     extra socks and underwear

     travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste

     travel size shampoo and soap.


     face and body moisturizer

     lip balm

     foldable hairbrush


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Are there any items we are missing on this list?

What is absolutely necessary for you to bring on any trip? Let us know :)

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