Insights on Rules and Amenities in a Hostel

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Embarking on a budget-friendly adventure? Hostels are your golden ticket to affordable accommodation and a chance to mingle with fellow travellers. But before you unpack that backpack, let's dive into the basics of hostel living – the unwritten rules, the sweet amenities, and how to make the most of your communal haven.


Choose your nest wisely:

Hostels offer a variety of dorms – from cozy four-bed hideouts to bustling 18-bed dorms. Pick one that suits your vibe and budget.

Pro tips: If you are a light-sleeper opt for dorms with fewer people (4 or 6-bed dorms) and if you have problems climbing, ask for a lower bunk for the win – no acrobatics required. But keep in mind that requirements sometimes are not available.



Earplugs cost €0.5 at our hostels


Respect the bunks and dorms:

Your bunk is your sanctuary. Keep it tidy, and for the love of sleep-deprived travellers, avoid rustling plastic bags at midnight (many hostels don’t even allow you to eat inside the dorms). Respect the number of your designated bed if the hostel is not a free-pic bed. Usually places that provide you with a number will charge you a cleaning fee in case you take the wrong bed - so heads up, you don't want to lose those few bucks!


Embrace the common areas:

Communal spaces are the heartbeat of hostels. Dive into conversations, and cinema sessions, swap travel tales, and maybe challenge someone to a game of pool or cards. Keep in mind that some hostels allow visitors and others don’t – make sure to double check this with the front desk team before inviting someone over to avoid disappointment! 


0204 common areas


Mastering the shared bathrooms:

Shower shoes – invest in them. No one wants a surprise encounter with mystery puddles. Quick and efficient, and you'll earn bonus points for not crossing a line. Check about the amenities, some hostels have toiletries to purchase at reception – some reservations might even include them in the rate (usually private rooms).


Kitchen chronicles:

The communal kitchen is your best friend for budget-friendly meals. Label your food, clean up after cooking (remember to wash, dry, and put away your dishes), and don't be that person who burns pasta. Nobody likes the fire alarm wake-up call. Keep in mind that some hostels don’t allow you to cook during the night.


0204 kitchen


Be social, not a snoozer - Lights out, Volume down:

Hostels are a melting pot of cultures. Embrace the diversity, make friends, and maybe find a travel buddy for your next escapade in town or the countryside. Respect the sacred silence of dorms during designated quiet hours. Your late-night Netflix binge can wait – invest in some wireless headphones.


Lock down your valuables:

Always bring a padlock for your belongings. Most hostels provide lockers, but you're responsible for the padlocks. Keep passports, gadgets, and your favourite socks secure.



Padlocks cost €5 at our hostels

Mind the no-smoking zones:

Smoking areas exist for a reason. Don't turn the hostel entrance into your personal ashtray. Respect the lungs of your fellow travellers and your pocket (as most of the places apply smoking-fee for those who break the rules).


Check-in and Check-out etiquette:

Pay close attention to check-in and check-out hours. Arriving late? Inform the hostel. Checking out early? Quietly gather your belongings – packing everything the night before and leaving what you will need at hand will make it much easier, and your fellow travellers will appreciate it. Pay attention while the front desk is explaining the rules and check-in information. Common courtesy goes a long way. Has doubts about the rules? Ask. Otherwise, many properties may charge you fees for not respecting the rules of the hostel.


Clean up after yourself:

Mommy doesn't work here. Wash your dishes and put them away, put everything back in their respective places, and leave spaces as you found them.


Location, Location, Location:

Choose a hostel central to your explorations and travel plans. Always double-check the address on Google Maps. It's a game-changer when your bed is a stone's throw from the city's heartbeat. Our hostels are located in Dublin City Centre (Gardiner House Hostel in North Dublin and Garden Lane Backpackers in South Dublin).


0204 map from e bike 1 


Book ahead - Stay smart:

Hostel popularity fluctuates. Secure your spot by booking in advance, especially during peak travel seasons (Summer Season and St Patrick’s Day in Ireland are absolutely crowded and crazy). Book with discount here.


Travel insurance is a #Must:

Unexpected bumps on the road are inevitable. Protect yourself with travel insurance – a safety net for when life throws a curveball.


Hostel events and tours:

Participate in hostel-organized events and tours. It's an excellent way to meet people and discover hidden gems in the city. Most of the hostels provide you with free tours (or have partners who do that). Usually, you can buy Tours just by popping in at reception too.


Connectivity matters:

Wifi is your lifeline. Usually, the password is provided at check-in time, or informed on the walls. Make sure to connect with loved ones, upload envy-inducing travel pics, and research your next destination.


Be the hostel eco-warrior:

Conserve resources. Turn off lights when not needed, report issues, and maybe encourage your dorm mates to join the eco-friendly movement.



Pack light and conquer laundry day. Most hostels have laundry facilities – a small price to pay for fresh undies.


If in doubt, ask:

Hostel staff are there to help. From travel tips (places to eat, where to go, what tours do) to a spare towel, don't hesitate to ask things – we've seen it all.



The golden rule - Be kind:

The cornerstone of hostel living – kindness. Treat others as you want to be treated, and your journey will be richer for it. What goes around, comes around.



Hostels are more than just a place to rest your head. They're vibrant communities, gateways to friendships, and the heartbeat of budget travel. So, go forth, embrace the hostel life, and may your travels be filled with shared stories, new friendships, and unforgettable adventures!


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