The Best Secret Pubs in Dublin (That aren't on a Tourist Map)

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Only an insider would know that Dublin is full of fantastic pubs and bars that are not on the tourist map. They’re so discrete you might walk right past them without taking a second look, but once you do step inside, you’ll realize what makes them so special. These hidden gems offer something authentic, local, and unpretentious to visitors and locals alike. Here are some of the best secret pubs and cocktail bars in Dublin City Centre to visit while you are in the city and want a break from the buzz of the crowds:



The Bar With No Name

What used to be a  very unassuming bar in Dublin’s City Center, has now become one of the favorite places for Dubliners to have their drinks during the weeks or weekends. It keeps on being one of the best-hidden gems in the city and a great place to make friends or relax after a day of touring around. The whole place is furnished with big sofas and chairs, to create the atmosphere of a living room. It also has a big patio full of tables and chairs to sit around, have drinks, and nibble some delicious pub food.


The Bar With No Name is located at Fadebrook House, 3 Fade St, Dublin 2, there are no signs for the bar, so keep an eye out for the big black door where a set of stairs will leave you to the pub.



hidden 2


The Blind Pig

This speakeasy-style spot is a must if you like to come back home from a trip with some inside tips for your friends visiting soon. Not widely known by tourists, this bar has a vast cocktail menu and live music. To get the address of this place, you need to first make a booking on their website, and all instructions will be sent to you by email. To make everything more interesting, the bar is fully decorated with red velvet upholstered walls that are inspired by the secret bars during Prohibition in America.


hidden pubs the blind pig 


The Library Bar

In the very heart of Dublin’s City Center and located just on the corner of the busy Camden Street, is one of the best-kept secrets in Dublin, the Library Bar. This charming pub stays on the second floor of the Central Hotel Dublin and has a relaxing and peaceful athmosphere. There are no signs or big advertisements for the bar, so customers are always the locals who have learned about this place years ago and keep going whenever they can. There are many chairs and sofas to grab a drink and deck around,  all room is illuminated in low lights and, of course, there are plenty of bookshelves around for you to choose something to read. 



 the library bar

Photo via: The Central Hotel on Facebook


Dublin Vintage Cocktail Bar

This secretive bar is tucked away in the very heart of the Temple Bar area, their whole concept is to keep the mystery about what is behind that very discreet and plain front door. The entrance doesn’t give away any hint about the amazing spaces inside, with many floors fully decorated in 1920s-style clandestine bars. This is a perfect spot to grab a drink before a concert, or after dinner. They have a vast menu with options that will please all tastes. If the weather is good, make sure to get a table on their roof terrace.


To visit Dublin Vintage Cocktail bar, go to 15 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, ring the bell at the front door, and wait for one of the staff to open it and set you at a table.


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The Chelsea Drugstore

This cocktail bar is not a hidden gem, in fact, it is pretty known and loved by the locals, but it has a secret spot inside that is worth the visit. Built around the 1900s, the space where the pub exists today was an old pharmacy, hence the name.. Inside you will find a hideaway basement, that has a much quieter vibe and is open to the public, you can grab a pint and enjoy the old-school-styled bar just beside the vibrant George Street. To find it, look for  25 South Great George's Street, Dublin 2.


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The Black Market

Located inside the famous The Market Bar, this hidden gem has a totally different vibe from the traditional pub. It is a speak-easy-style cocktail bar in Dublin City Centre with comfortable seating areas and high and low tables, it’s perfect to catch up with friends without the buzz of the busiest pubs around the city center.  You can find this Dublin secret bar at 14A Fade St, Dublin 2.


hidden pubs tbm 


37 Dawson Street

This hidden gem just beside Grafton Street is the most eccentric bar you can visit in Dublin, their drinks menu actually doesn't exist. Instead of ordering from a list of options, the customers can ask for whatever they'd like, or the bartenders can create a unique cocktail based on their personal taste. This is also a perfect spot if you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, just ask the staff and they will surely prepare a perfect virgin cocktail customized for you! The address? You already know what is.


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These are just some of the best-kept-secret bars around Dublin that are worth your visit.

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