Discover Dublin's Top Pubs and Bars: A Backpacker's Guide

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Get set for an epic pub-hopping journey in Dublin! As one of Europe's liveliest cities, Dublin is famed for its buzzing pub culture, where the good times flow as freely as the Guinness. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or a newbie traveller, exploring Dublin's diverse mix of traditional pubs, contemporary bars and hidden gems is a must-do part of your Irish adventure.


Dublin boasts an array of drinking establishments, from the iconic Temple Bar to the historic streets of Smithfield. Step into the snug interiors of centuries-old pubs, where the warmth of Irish hospitality awaits. Or venture into trendy neighbourhoods, where chic cocktail bars and stylish lounges offer a modern twist on Dublin's drinking scene. With this insider's guide, you'll uncover the best pubs and bars Dublin has to offer, ensuring your visit is packed with unforgettable moments and plenty of fun. So, grab your pint and let's embark on a legendary pub crawl through Dublin's finest drinking spots.


Temple Bar

Temple Bar isn't just a single pub – it's an entire neighbourhood bursting with pubs and bars. It's a vibrant area where visitors can immerse themselves in the lively ambience of Irish nightlife. Here are our top picks for pubs in the Temple Bar district, each offering its own unique charm and character.


The Temple Bar: Situated in the heart of Temple Bar, this iconic pub is a cornerstone of Dublin's pub culture, offering an authentic Irish experience complete with live music, hearty dishes and an extensive selection of drinks.


0609 temple bar


The Auld Dubliner: With its welcoming interiors and lively atmosphere, The Auld Dubliner invites guests to enjoy traditional Irish hospitality while sampling a diverse range of beers, whiskeys and mouthwatering pub classics.


The Oliver St. John Gogarty: Steeped in history, The Oliver St. John Gogarty beckons visitors to soak up its lively ambience, featuring live Irish music, delicious cuisine and a warm welcoming vibe.

The Quays Bar: Tucked away in Temple Bar's cobblestone streets, The Quays Bar offers a quintessential Irish pub experience, boasting live music, friendly service and an extensive drink menu to cater to every taste.


The Foggy Dew: Brimming with traditional Irish charm, The Foggy Dew captivates guests with its cosy interiors, live music and a menu featuring classic Irish dishes and refreshing drinks.


The Norseman: A historic gem, The Norseman invites guests to step back in time while enjoying live music, fine beverages and a warm inviting ambience that reflects Dublin's cultural heritage.


Fitzsimons: Situated in the heart of Temple Bar, Fitzsimons is a bustling pub and nightclub known for its energetic atmosphere, live entertainment and extensive drink menu.

 0609 fitzsimons

Bad Ass: Living up to its name, Bad Ass exudes a cool and edgy vibe, featuring live music, signature cocktails and a lively crowd for an unforgettable pub experience in Temple Bar.


The Palace Bar: Renowned for its elegant ambience and impressive whiskey selection, The Palace Bar provides a refined setting to savour Ireland's finest spirits.


The Ha'penny Bridge Inn: Located near the iconic Ha'penny Bridge, this charming pub invites guests to unwind with live music, delicious drinks and a laid-back atmosphere that captures the essence of Dublin's pub scene.


Bad Bobs: Embracing an eclectic vibe, Bad Bobs offers a unique pub experience with live music, inventive cocktails and a rooftop terrace boasting stunning city views - Definitely one of my fav pubs in Dublin! It's a must-go, for sure. 


The Porterhouse Temple Bar: Dublin's original brewpub, The Porterhouse delights patrons with its innovative craft beers, live entertainment and bustling atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination in Temple Bar.



Smithfield has emerged as a hip neighbourhood with a burgeoning beer scene. Home to several craft breweries and trendy bars, Smithfield offers a unique blend of artisanal beers and innovative brews in a vibrant setting.


The Cobblestone: A renowned traditional Irish pub with live music sessions, offering a cosy atmosphere and a great selection of beers.


The Light House: This stylish pub features a diverse beer menu, craft cocktails and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the city.


Token: A retro arcade bar offering craft beers, cocktails and classic arcade games for a fun night out.

 0609 token

Walsh's: A local favourite with a traditional vibe, serving a variety of drinks and often hosting live music events.


The Old Jameson Distillery: While primarily a whiskey distillery, this historic establishment also has a bar serving Jameson-inspired cocktails and tastings.


Oscars Smithfield: A charming gastropub offering a wide range of craft beers, delicious food and live sports screenings.


The Legal Eagle: A classic pub with a modern twist, serving a selection of local and international beers in a relaxed setting.


Dice Bar: A trendy spot known for its eclectic decor, friendly atmosphere and extensive beer list featuring both local and imported brews.


The Pipers Corner: An authentic Irish pub with a welcoming atmosphere, serving a selection of beers, whiskies and traditional pub grub.

0609 pipers coners 

Third Space: A hidden gem offering a cosy atmosphere, craft beers and tasty bar snacks, perfect for a relaxed evening out.


The Dog House Blues Tea Room: A quirky pub with a vintage feel, known for its live blues music nights, craft beers and creative cocktails.


The Church: A stunning bar housed in a converted church, featuring a spacious interior and a wide range of drinks.



Nestled along the Grand Canal, Portobello is a charming neighbourhood with a growing beer scene. Here, you'll find cosy pubs and stylish bars serving up a wide range of craft beers and speciality brews, making it a favourite destination for beer aficionados.


The Lower Deck Pub: Discover a cosy and inviting pub nestled in Portobello Harbor, offering an authentic Irish experience with traditional drinks and warm hospitality.


Kavanaghs Pub New Street: Experience the lively atmosphere of this vibrant bar located on New St S, renowned for its diverse drink selection and bustling ambience.


Harold House: A beloved local gem situated on Clanbrassil Street Upper, known for its budget-friendly drinks and friendly atmosphere.


The Portobello Bar: Enjoy the charming vibes of this canal-side pub in Dublin 2, featuring comfortable spaces and a lively setting.


 Ryan's: Immerse yourself in the authentic Irish experience at this Dublin 2 pub, boasting a wide drink selection and a welcoming vibe.

0609 ryans

The Crafty Fox: Step into this trendy hangout on Camden Row, serving up craft cocktails and stylish surroundings. Opens at 5 p.m.


The Landmark: A popular gathering spot on Kevin Street Lower, offering a varied menu and a welcoming atmosphere.


Peadar Browns: Embrace the cosy charm of this inviting pub on Clanbrassil Street Lower, serving up classic Irish drinks with a smile.


J. O'Connell: Enjoy the welcoming ambience of this delightful pub on Richmond St S, known for its friendly atmosphere and diverse drink menu. Opens at 4 p.m.


The Barge: Located on a barge along the Grand Canal, this unique pub offers picturesque views and a relaxed vibe, perfect for enjoying a drink by the water.

0609 barge


Rathmines is another neighbourhood worth exploring for its diverse selection of pubs and bars. From traditional Irish pubs to modern gastropubs, Rathmines offers beer lovers an array of options to indulge in their favourite brews while soaking up the local atmosphere.


Murphy's Gastro Pub Restaurant of Rathmines: Indulge in a culinary adventure at Murphy's Gastro Pub Restaurant of Rathmines, offering a delightful fusion of pub favourites and gourmet cuisine in a cosy setting.


Blackbird: Experience the vibrant energy of Blackbird, a lively pub in Rathmines where you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks and live entertainment.


Martin B. Slattery: Raise a glass at Martin B. Slattery, a popular haunt in Rathmines known for its laid-back vibe and refreshing drinks.


Corrigans: Discover the charm of Corrigans, a hidden gem in Rathmines offering a warm and inviting atmosphere along with a diverse drink menu.


 Rody Bolands: Dive into the welcoming ambience of Rody Bolands, a cherished pub in Rathmines known for its friendly atmosphere and hearty drinks.

 0609 rody bolands

The Dropping Well: Unwind at The Dropping Well, a picturesque pub nestled in Rathmines, where you can savour delicious drinks while enjoying the tranquil surroundings.


Peggy Kellys Pub: Step into Peggy Kellys Pub and experience the true essence of Irish hospitality in Rathmines, with friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere.


Kodiak, Rathmines: Explore the trendy vibes of Kodiak in Rathmines, a hip pub known for its creative cocktails and stylish setting.


As we wrap up our tour of Dublin's best pubs and bars, it's clear that this city knows how to create unforgettable memories. Whether you're enjoying a pint of Guinness in a cosy traditional pub or savouring a fancy cocktail in a chic bar, Dublin's drinking spots have something special for everyone. So, next time you're in town, be sure to check out these amazing places and soak up the lively atmosphere.



In summary, Dublin's pubs and bars aren't just places to grab a drink – they're where memories are made and friendships are forged. From historic pubs with loads of character to trendy bars with innovative drinks, Dublin's nightlife scene has it all. So, whether you're a local or a visitor, get ready for some good times and great vibes in Dublin's vibrant pub culture! Cheers to making memories that will last a lifetime!


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