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"Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." - I know, it's a cliché one, but don't you agree with that? Travelling makes us so much richer! Richer of experience, connections, new friends, new stories to tell, a new point of view, new beliefs... can I get a 'yes!' here? I can tell by my personal experience, travel has changed me — and I can assure you I'm not the only one. Travelling and working at a hostel makes me meet new people and listen to their experience constantly - and I am passionate about it! Here at Canbe, this is one of our values: we listen to our guests. Since we are here for them, their feedback is extremely important - we always want to make sure that what we are doing is what they are looking for to have the best time ever, and also to find out what we can do better. So today I'd like to share Emma's experience at our hostel Gardiner House, located in Dublin 01, just 7 minutes walk from O'Connell St (one of the main streets in the city) and, accordingly to Emma: a great option for a first solo trip! :)

One of the 3 nights Emma spent at the hostel was a pizza evening - by the way, this is something we love: food evening for everyone to get together and have THE craic! She was in the kitchen watching our chef prepare some delicious pizza and, when we saw, we were all together having great fun playing a pool table tournament and trying to find out who was the worst one hehehe. Pizza, tournament and beer were over and so what? Ending up at a pub for a few more pints was our only option! :D And that's what a hostel life means, right?! You never know how the night is gonna end!

In between one pizza and a pool table game here and there, I asked Emma about how her experience was going so far, and she shared a bit with us on this video - which I couldn't help sharing with you, so you can also get inspired by this good vibe!




Back home, she also wrote us a lovely review of her time here:

"My trip to Dublin was my first solo-travel trip ever, so I wanted to stay at a hostel with a homely atmosphere and opportunities to get in touch with other travellers. My search led me directly into the open arms of Gardiner House Hostel, which seemed to be such an interesting hostel with its Chapel Experience. And it did not disappoint! The staff was so welcoming and helpful, and I’m still so thankful for having had the chance to get to know them. Furthermore, there were many things to do within the building (TV room, pizza evening, pool table,…). I slept in the huge 16-bed-room at the chapel and it was such a cool experience! I got to know so many beautiful people from all over the world and did so many fun things with them. I went to the national art gallery, drank a beer at the oldest pub in Dublin, went to a cool bar, and just had the best time of my life! I would definitely recommend visiting Dublin and stay at Gardiner House!"

We really can't put into words how fulfilling it is to read such kind words and to know we will always be in her travel memories. That's what we are here for! Once again, we'd like to thank Emma for such a good vibe and for sharing her experience with so much love and enthusiasm! We hope to welcome you back soon, Emma! ♥

And for you, who is wondering if a hostel experience is for you and if you should stay at a hostel on your first solo trip, the answer is yes! Or, if I can make it better: yes, if you want to have the best time of your life!


Now, before I go, I bet you are wondering:

Chapel Experience? What on Earth does it mean? Ok, long story short: we are located at Georgian building that, back in Dublin's old times, used to be a sisters convent, which was converted in the Gardiner House Hostel a few years ago. Therefore, being located in such a unique site gives us the chance to provide you with a unique experience: sleep in a converted church, complete with stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings and a holy water stoup. Wait, what? Yes, that's what you just read! That's a real #canbemoment experience!

  Images comparing original Chapel with Chapel Experience at the Gardiner House Hostel


And my second bet is that you are wondering about what's the oldest pub in Ireland...

Right? And I totally get your curiosity - after all, in the land of pubs, that's nice info to keep for when you are here! :D So here it goes: the oldest pub in Ireland is called "The Brazen Head", located in the Usher's Quay, in Dublin 08, within just 8 minutes walk from our Garden Lane Backpackers hostel - located in the heart of the vibrant The Liberties area.

As you can imagine, for being the oldest pub in the whole island, you shouldn't expect that you will arrive and get a seat instantly, especially if you go on a peak time during the weekend, but the waiting time is worth it. It has become a very touristy place indeed, but it still bring in the locals. Already from the outside, you will feel back in the medieval times: the walls are crafted from stone brick and you'll enter the place through a broad doorway with a gate instead of an actual door. In the inside, its decor will keep you travelling through time. Its outside area is well covered when raining, staff is friendly and price is ok for the experience of enjoying the oldest Irish pub. :)


Last but not least:

We are reopening on June 29th and the CH experience is here waiting for you! We are following all the HSE guideline protocol to keep our guests and staff safe and be able to keep doing what we do better: providing you with a lifetime experience! 


See us very soon! 

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