Kilmore Quay – What to do and see in Ireland’s Ancient East!

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Kilmore Quay, one of the must see in Wexford County, is well known for being a fishing village, that’s correct, but that’s not all about it: its leisure facilities such as sailing and sea angling are also an important part of the area. Besides the fact that many sailing courses  are offered there, the activity also takes you to one of the most beautiful destinations on the South of Ireland: Saltee Islands! And since this is not the only incredible place to visit, we prepared a list with the main attractions down there for you! :)


- Saltee Islands:

Saltee Islands


Situated 5km off the coast of Kilmore Quay Wexford, the island consists of the Great and Little Saltee, the first one being the most famous bird sanctuary in the whole Ireland since it's a popular stopping off place for spring and autumn migrating birds, where you'll find from Gannets and Gulls to Puffins and Manx Shearwaters.

The island is one of the ancient islands of Europe, originating between 600 and 2,000 million years old; and it's also quoted for being a base for pirates, wreckers and smugglers back in between the 16th to the 19th century. Nowadays, the natural beauty is owned by the Neale Family, who welcomes everyone with good hospitality, only applying some rules that should be strictly followed in order to preserve all the rareness of the place and the animals life. Visitors are allowed from 11AM to 4:30PM and entrance is free of charge. 


What to do:

  • Birdwatch and you'll get to know the most beautiful birds of the country!;
  • Go for a walk among the rocks and see the real rural Ireland: it takes one hour and a half to go around it but, of course, you can relax and do it on your own time!;
  • Have a picnic: there is no restaurants in the island so make sure you bring evertyhing with you and, most important, that you take all the rubbish before returning to the Quay, go consciouns and green;
  • Take amazing pics! :)


How to get there: Ferry from Kilmore quay operating in summer months - contact Declan Bates for further info and bookings: phone number 087 252 9736, 


- Ballyteige Burrow or "the Burrow":



This one is for you, adventurer! Known for being of international conservation importance, the Burrow has 3 main walking routes - along the beach, through the dunes or on the path by the fence that separates the dunes from the adjoining farmlad. It doesn't matter which one you'll choose, in all of them you'll find rareness: rare woodlice, snails, wasps and two of Ireland's rarest bee species - the great yellow bumblebee and the shrill carder bee.



- St Peter’s Church

St Peter Church


Built by George Ashin, the church dates from 1875 and is one of the architecturally notable buildings in the village. It was built to save locals of walking 3 miles to get to the closest church in Kilmore back that time; and its vitrals are incredbly delicated, colourful and beautiful! It worths a quick visit to get to know one of the village's landmarks.



- 35th Seafood Festival

 Seafood Festival


If you are planning to visit the area and are also a seafood lover, the Seafood Festival will make you happy! It's one of the traditional events happening in the area annualy and it brings together the best of summer feelings: good food and drinks, live music, street theatre, stalls, exhibitions and plenty of children's activites.

Don't miss the chance to try out different ranges of fish harvested from the seas that surround the green island! <3

When: July 9th to 12th 2020 - We see you there!



- The Norman Way


The Norman Way


Imagine crossing a medieval heritage trail!? That's thrilling! So: the Normans came to the area over 800 yeays ago and many structures still lasts. Named the Norman Way, this heritage trail streches fom Rosslare to New Ross and will make you understand a lot about Norman history in Ireland! The trail takes in Kilmore Quay - so, please, don't miss this unique chance! Be prepared to find impressive tower houses, church ruins and graveyards filled with characters and stories along the way ;)

The best way to follow the trail is to hire a bike and off you go! Find further info about bike rental here.


- Creations by Annette Whelan


Annette Whelans Creations


Have you ever watched Netflix Original "Blown Away" serie? If you are into art and creation processes, please go for it! And I'm sure that, after watching it, you'll be Glass Blown addicted just like me and will look forward to see Glass art everywhere! 

Within a 20 minutes walk from our place (oh yes, we do have a property in this paradise and you'll find further info below!), you'll find Annette's Whelan beautiful, fun, functional and unique creations. And then, well, good luck not to go bananas wanting to buy it all: you'll find mirrors, jewellery, clocks, bowls, candleholders and many others!


Well, I hope you enjoyed the tips and start planning your trip to Kilmore Quay! And now the best part is still to come: we do have a cozy property in the heart of this amazing irish countryside Village - The Wooden House Hotel is here to welcome you in the best way. Either you are looking for an apartment to come with some friends or just a double room to enjoy a romantic night: we have you covered! What's more, our pub and restaurant are here waiting for you to have a pint and try some delicious dishes from our menu! Get the best deals here!


See you around!


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