What a superb kitchen and a cool terrace!

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Okay, now I want to show you the facilities around the hostel! This was the first place I stayed when I arrived in Ireland and, to be fair, their facilities and common areas get better and better as time passes by - they really invest in it! As I told you, they are always promoting social events, so they need to have some great shared spaces. What really leaves me shocked is their superb kitchen! They have absolutely everything you need to cook your meals comfortably - so you don’t need to eat out all the time and can really travel on a budget. The kitchen is open 24/7, only closing 3 times a day for 1 hour each for cleaning. The cooking gas is on from 7am-10pm and, in the meantime, the ovens and microwaves are available to be used - so we can eat late or super early in the morning, anyway. They also have a Tea Room, where we can get coffee, tea and hot chocolate for free at any time! This is just amazing! 


Well-equipped kitchen at Gardiner House Hostel, Dublin, Ireland


As you can see, the dining area is also wonderful. With this kind of restaurant and pub seatings, the atmosphere is perfect either for enjoying our meals or socializing with other guests. And here is where the social events are held and they usually promote free theme food nights, beer pong, pool table and foot table tournaments, free drinks night, warm-up events and so on… you’ll be thrilled to be part of it! Something I love to share is that they have a special hashtag for their guests to share their experience on social media: you tag #canbemoment to be featured on their page and share your experience with other guests too! From time to time they also run some competitions and giveaway stay at the hostel, so keep an eye on their channels to compete in the next ones! 

Now, my favourite of all areas: look at this terrace!!!!! This is where they hold BBQs during summer! When the sun is up and people are enjoying the happiest season of the year, the vibe in this place is just insanely good! In-house guests are all invited to join, enjoy the food, the music, and the atmosphere! 

The hostel has some long-term guests and students who live here too, which gives it a bit more of a home-away- from-home-feel - with jokes and stories being shared the whole time! 

COVID-19 time forced the events to stop for a while, but once they are kicking off back again, this place will bang! “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met!”, that’s the feeling this place brings!

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