"I can not recommend it enough!"

- Posted on: 10/04/2021 - By: Suzy Wilson $itemValue.title

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I don't want you to get sick of just me talking to you here, so I will call Suzy here, one of our long term guests, who has been here with us throughout this crazy last year, to share a bit about her experiences here at Gardiner House. She is a lovely person and I'm sure you will get along... 


"You know those times when you are completely and utterly delighted with surprise? This was one of those experiences.

I arranged a long-term stay at Gardiner House Hostel during 2020 because I needed a place to both work, live, and be able to cook my own meals. At the time, standard renting was out of the question due to a transitional period in my life.

I had no idea what to expect, but I was delighted since the entry of the building! At reception, I met Gabriela, Corrado and Juan. They were so friendly, helpful and accommodating. They gladly gave me a grand tour. I believe they now do it virtually via Zoom because of COVID. As long as you schedule a “Hostel Virtual Tour” on Zoom in advance. Gardiner House is beautifully furnished. It immediately gave me the impression that I was at a hotel. I am also super fussy about bathrooms and all the facilities are in mint and modern condition and sparkling clean! This super-efficient team has the operation running like clockwork! This is immensely pleasing and makes staying at Gardiner a pleasure. The layout of the kitchen would please anyone with a love of cooking and taking care of your nutrition properly. I really have no desire to lose the edge on my performance because of poor nutrition. Everything you could possibly need or want to prepare even a gourmet meal with is available to use. From basic utensils to refrigeration to a reasonable amount of storage space. 

My room is so comfortable! With an ensuite, big window for lots of natural light, beautiful withe, clean linen and a really comfortable mattress. As this is not your typical party hostel, there is a noise curfew for all guests at 11:00 pm every evening. This ensures that you will get a decent night's rest that is especially essential since work is so important. When you are working remotely or building a business, it is super important to look after yourself well.

What I am most grateful for is the latest addition to the hostel! A lovely co-working space! COVID compliant, of course! Just like the rest of the hostel, which makes you feel safe and assured. You can easily take your laptop and spend the day in the Work Lab without any major interference that will break your concentration. The only movement you will have are others doing the same as you, working. It is a designated quiet space, with a small chill-out corner and some coffee, tea and hot chocolate on offer.

I love this arrangement and the experience of the hostel because it gave me stability, routine, a place to focus and as a bonus… people to collaborate with for work. The convenience of having your cleaning done for you and always made to feel at home with the excellent staff always there to help is priceless!

If you are on the lookout for a co-working/living space, do yourself the favour of booking a virtual tour at the very least to see if you will like it and it will suit you. I cannot recommend it enough!

Thank you, Gardiner House Team, for the awesome work you do!" - Suzy Wilson, guest at Gardiner House Hostel since March 2020.


Such a wonderful testimonial pays off all the hard work and efforts made by our team to deliver the highest standard of service to our guests... This made our day! ♥


I will leave you for now, but we will continue this tour on April 17th — see you there then!


PS.: In the meantime, you can book your virtual tour below! Grab a coffee and come along!