Fun things to do in Dublin during dry january

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Many people decide to take a break from drinking after the holidays, committing to stay alcohol-free for 30 days. The Dry January movement has gotten more and more supporters in the last years around Ireland, but we know that joining it can seem like a challenge when living or visiting Dublin. The city is full of pubs, and having pints with friends seems like the main thing to do - but we can promise you it is not! Here’s a complete guide of things to do and see in Dublin during January if you are trying to stay away from the booze:  



Take a Wintery Hike in Dublin

Sure, if you are staying away from alcohol for a whole month, you might as well move your body a little bit during this time. Thankfully, Dublin has some beautiful places to go for a little wintery hike and enjoy some fresh air. Maybe get in contact with other friends participating in Dry January and make a group activity out of it. One of our favorite spots to go for a stroll during the winter season is the Dublin Mountains, with different paths to take, depending on your willingness to go uphill. If you are keen to see some snow during your time in Dublin, that’s definitely where you gonna find it. 


We have some more suggestions on the best hikes in Dublin in our blog, check it out. 


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Visit Dublin’s first non-alcoholic bar, Virgin Mary  

Who said you cannot have delicious cocktails during Dry January? Well, you can if you visit Dublin’s first non-alcoholic bar, Virgin Mary, located on Capel Street, City Center. Open from Thursdays to Saturdays, there you will find a variety of cocktails to choose from, all made with unique combinations and no alcohol.


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Watch a Dublin Comedy Improv performance 

When looking for fun things to do that do not involve alcohol, we suggest you go check out Ireland's longest-running improv comedy show, Dublin Comedy Improv. The show takes place every Sunday at 8 pm on Wicklow Street, just beside the famous Grafton Street. Tickets costs €11.40 and each performance is unique since the comedians use stories told by the audience to create the jokes. 


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Board Games Social Night (alcohol-free) in Dublin 

Not drinking shouldn't mean not socializing, and finding as many activities as possible will make January goes by even more quickly. So on January 21st, 2023, Alternative Dublin will be hosting a Board Game Social Night at The Clockwork Door in Temple Bar with Over 100+ games. Tea, coffee, and biscuits plus the chance of meeting other people also taking part in Dry January this year. Tickets cost €14.09 and can be purchased in advance on their website


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Try one of Dublin’s famous food trucks 

Dublin is famous for its pubs, but it has a lot to offer that doesn't involve drinking - and you won't have a sore head the next day. We suggest that you visit one of Dublin’s many food trucks spread around the city, with options for all tastes and budgets. Some of our favorites: Órale, in Dun Laoghaire serves Contemporary Mexican Food, Janet's at the Yeatyard in Drumcondra prepares the best gyoza dumplings in the city, and Vietnom in Stoneybatter is the place to go for authentic Vietnamese street food


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We hope these tips will make your journey through Dry January more fun, and that a fresh pint of Guinness will be waiting for you at the end of this month :) 




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