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If there is something we love to do is hearing from our guests, to know what they liked the most at the hostel and the city, which attractions they visited, what they recommend, and so on - to see the city from their perspective! This year, in our pre-Covid life (which we miss a lot, btw!), we had the pleasure to host two lovely guests: Zelie and Emma! As good travel enthusiastic, they put together and shared with us a short video of what they liked the most about Dublin and some must-see attractions you should add to your list when coming to the emerald island - once again, thank you, girls, you rock!!!

We are glad to share the video with you and we also picked three of the activities showed here to bring some curiosities about them. Start writing down everything you want to see around :D




Trinity College Library


The Long Room - Trinity College Library


One of the most famous attractions in Dublin, the Trinity College Library dates from centuries ago, 1592 to be more specific. For being a legal deposit or a copy write library, all publishers in Ireland must drop one copy of their publications there, and the institution can also require a copy of every book published in the UK. Therefore, you can imagine how many interesting and unique titles they have there - the most famous is the Book of Kells, Ireland's finest national treasure, which is a richly decorated ancient manuscript containing the four Gospels of the Christian scriptures in Latin. 

The Long Room (photo above) is the main chamber of the library and its name makes sense: the room is 65 meters in length, filled with 200,000 of the library's oldest books. By the way, here we call out all Harry Potter fans: the room is the inspiration for Hogwarts library and many say that it's even more astonishing than the fictional version! Either for its history and architecture or for HP reasons, it definitely worths the visit!


St Patrick's Cathedral


 St Patricks Cathedral


It's almost impossible to plan your trip to Dublin without including at least a walk passing by St Patrick's Cathedral to check it from the outside. Being part of Irish history for 800 years, the cathedral, which is the biggest church in the country, was built in honor of Ireland's patron saint and is one of the few constructions left from medieval Dublin. 

Following Ireland's history, the building has gone through several modifications in order to fit the theological changes that happened here in the past centuries and decades!

If you are staying in our intimate Garden Lane Backpackers hostel, you are able to get to the cathedral within a 7 minutes walk - and we totally recommend passing by and, if sunny, hanging out in the garden for a little while, which gets super colourful especially during summertime and allows you to enjoy the view! :)


Grafton Street



Grafton is one of the main shopping streets in the city, that's true, but that's not the reason why we love it. Instead, we love it because it's the street musicians spot and, whenever you walk around, you'll find yourself singing and appreciating the moment. And yes, this is where Ed Sheeran, a worldwide famous Irish singer, started singing and where U2's Bono appears and plays every Christmas Eve - so yeah, add it to your list! 


 Enjoy Dublin and share your experience with us tagging us at @canbe_hostels and using #canbemoment to be featured! <3

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