Dublin from our guests perspective

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We absolutely love hearing from our guests! Learning about their experiences at the hostel and in the city, the attractions they enjoyed, and their recommendations gives us a unique perspective on Dublin. This year, in our pre-Covid days (which we miss dearly!), we had the pleasure of hosting two fantastic guests, Zelie and Emma. These travel enthusiasts created a delightful video sharing their favorite things about Dublin and some must-see attractions on the emerald island. Huge thanks, girls – you rock!


We're excited to share their video with you and highlight three of the activities they featured, along with some interesting tidbits about each.




Trinity College Library


The Long Room - Trinity College Library


Trinity College Library, dating back to 1592, is one of Dublin's most renowned attractions. As a legal deposit library, publishers in Ireland must submit a copy of their publications, and the library can also request copies of every book published in the UK. The library houses numerous unique and fascinating titles, including the famous Book of Kells, a beautifully decorated ancient manuscript containing the four Gospels of the Christian scriptures in Latin. The main chamber, known as the Long Room, stretches 65 meters and is filled with 200,000 of the library's oldest books. For all you Harry Potter fans, this room served as inspiration for Hogwarts library and is often considered even more breathtaking than the fictional version. Whether for its rich history, remarkable architecture, or Harry Potter connections, a visit is highly recommended!


St Patrick's Cathedral


 St Patricks Cathedral


St. Patrick's Cathedral, standing as a significant part of Irish history for 800 years, is the largest church in the country. Built in honor of Ireland's patron saint, it is one of the few remaining structures from medieval Dublin. Over the centuries, the cathedral has undergone various modifications to accommodate theological changes. If you're staying at our intimate Garden Lane Backpackers hostel, you can reach the cathedral with just a 7-minute walk. We suggest passing by, and if it's sunny, spending some time in the colorful garden, especially during the summertime, to enjoy the view!


Grafton Street



Grafton Street is not only one of the main shopping streets in the city but also a favorite for another reason. It's a hotspot for street musicians, creating a lively and musical atmosphere as you stroll along. This is where Ed Sheeran, the globally renowned Irish singer, started his career, and U2's Bono makes appearances and performs every Christmas Eve. So, it's not just a shopping destination – add it to your list for a vibrant and melodic experience!


Enjoy Dublin and share your experience with us tagging us at @canbe_hostels and using #canbemoment to be featured! <3

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