Starting my holiday from Gardiner House

- Posted on: 01/02/2021 - By: Gabi Hasselmann $itemValue.title

Hey you, let’s start our adventure in Dublin!

I’m SO excited to show you around! Now that you are here, we need to exit the airport to get the bus towards the luxury budget hostel we’ll be staying in Dublin city centre - Gardiner House Hostel, located just 10 minutes’ walk from O’Connell, the city’s main street. Isn’t it fab!? We will be able to explore the city spending the least amount of money possible since the hostel is super close to the main bus and train stations in town, which allows us to get to different parts of the city as well as north, south and west parts of Ireland on a budget! Also, although they are a non-party hostel, they promote incredible social events there, so we will have fun and still be able to have a good night's sleep.

Sorry I know I’m talking a lot, but it’s just because I am super excited - there are so many places and things for us to do together. But to get started, let’s head to the bus stop outside the airport so we can catch bus number 41 or 16 (whichever comes first) to get to the hostel.  It’s a 30–35-minute bus ride so we’ll have the time to catch up a bit - I want to know how have you been and also the places you want to see the most here in Dublin. We don’t need to buy the tickets in advance, we can buy them directly on the bus. It will cost us €3.30 each and we can pay in coins only, so just let me check if I have enough for both of us. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but the bus ticket purchase system is so outdated here. You can only pay in coins and they don’t accept cards. If you only have notes, they will take that but won’t be able to give you any change. So yes, be smart and always keep coins with you so you won’t stress over it!

Bus number: 16 or 41

Duration: 35 minutes

Cost: €2.60

We need to get off the bus at Dorset Street Lower, stop 49. Would you mind if I check my phone as we talk? I’ll just keep an eye on Google Maps to make sure we won’t miss the right stop!


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