Welcome to our new shared workspace

- Posted on: 20/03/2021 - By: Gabi Hasselmann $itemValue.title

Hello there, nice to meet you!

I am so glad that you have been curious about our remote digital work and living space! Come with me and I will show you around. Here at Gardiner House it is about living, working, and playing! It sounds nice to have it all, right? And I am here to tell you that this is absolutely possible. Although this might not be something new for you, I am here because I have more to share with you, so come along!

I want to start by asking you: what are you looking for in your next accommodation and shared workspace? Since we have some remote workers and digital nomads staying with us at the moment, I asked around and the feedback I got was: besides comfort and a space they are able to focus in, they are looking for connections and like-minded people to exchange ideas, collaborate with and learn from. This brings them not only unique experiences but will also open new doors for professional opportunities. The point is: people want to build communities, increase mutual benefits, and to enjoy life while working. People want to be at their workspaces without commuting 2 hours a day, and to have an enjoyable and valuable conversation while having their cup of coffee after lunch. People want the community culture of an office at the same time they want a more flexible lifestyle. Is that what are you looking for? So, I might have some good news for you.

Have a look around and let me know what you think? I need to go right now but if you are around a bit later, we can continue for me to tell you everything about our new coworking space!


Note: Next post in March 27th – stay tuned!