Welcome! Here is your room :)

- Posted on: 08/05/2021 - By: Gabi Hasselmann $itemValue.title

On Check-in day!

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I am delighted that you have made the decision to work remotely from Gardiner House! Most of all, you are now part of our long-term guests and we will do our best to make your stay remarkable. Now that you are here, let me help you to bring your belongings to your room.

Since you have chosen a private room, here it is: your room is number 12, which is located on the first floor. Just like all our private rooms, you will find drawers for you to organise your belongings, as well as a table, where you can work from on the days you are not willing to go down to our Work Lab. You also have a kettle for you to be able to prepare your cosy drinks in case you prefer to do it in your rooms instead of our shared kitchen. 

You have access to one of the many welcoming bathrooms throughout the building, right next door! The bathroom next door is not designated for any specific guests so please feel free to pick and use the one you love the most.

Since today is Saturday, your linen refreshes (weekly changes of bed linen) will be set for every Saturday for the duration of your stay. If you prefer to have it done another day to have your linen changed, please feel free to pop into reception so that our team can help you with that and rearrange your room cleaning day according to your preferences. Your room can be cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, you just need to let us know what suits you the most. On your room cleaning day, all we ask is that you leave the room free from 11 AM to 3 PM when the housekeeping team is around cleaning the rooms and making sure they are left in excellent condition.

Regarding your question about the kitchen: yes, you should label your food before putting it on the food storage shelves or in the fridge. Downstairs, besides the cooker, you will find the labels you need to fill in and stick to your food box (also provided in the kitchen area!).

Do you have any questions right now? No? So I will leave you here and let you settle into your new room. In case you need any information, our reception team is available 24/7 to help you. I hope you love your stay with us.  I guarantee we will do our best to make this happen for you.

I will see you around! :D

Ps.: oh and I am sorry I forgot to mention it earlier, but you will find a vending machine downstairs in the dining room. It can save you when you need a snack for a quick break, or even during nighttime if you didn’t have the time to do your shopping earlier in the day. I hope it is handy!