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I love that the check-in procedure was super quick and hassle-free! And the fact that we can book all those tours here is also handy! They have loads of options for the tours - I’m glad we already booked our ticket to the Guinness Storehouse, since this is a very well-known and demanded one so it’s important to book in advance to guarantee availability. I hope we have good weather on the day we go since their rooftop bar and its panoramic view of Dublin is just AMAZING! 


So, these are all the tours they sell. Have a look and let me know what you are willing to see more - since you have a week here it’s possible to do all the main ones: the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant’s Causeway & Rope Bridge and Glendalough in Wicklow Mountains National Park. There will still be enough time to explore Dublin city and enjoy its buzz! 


These three main ones are full-day tours aside from Glendalough, which can be done in half a day. The other two demand early bird activity, hehe, since most of the companies offering the tours leave Dublin between 06:30 - 07:00, and we need to be at the departure point 10-15 minutes earlier; and we get back in Dublin around 8pm.


I know it sounds a bit tiring, but I promise you it’s totally worth it! Since it’s a long ride, around 3 hours per round, we can even sleep on the way, so we get a bit more of a rest. Otherwise, it’s just amazing to watch the Irish countryside landscape passing by - its roads and natural beauty are breathtaking. You really feel you are in a movie! Actually, many movies have been recorded around Ireland - as I know you love “P.S. I love you” I need to tell you that: the Wicklow mountains tours take us to the bridge where they recorded part of the movie! 


 ps i love you


The staff downstairs also sounded very excited and willing to give us all the tips we need - so we can always ask them for some advice and local tips!


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