Accommodation + coworking space

- Posted on: 27/03/2021 - By: Gabi Hasselmann $itemValue.title

A little while later...


Shall we continue? Here, I brought you a coffee to have with me while we walk. I’m glad you are here. I also love the idea of a place where you can live, work, meet new people and find collaboration opportunities. I am dying to show you what we have done to create a brand new coworking space for remote workers, freelancers, and digital nomads!

Gardiner House Hostel is well-known among travellers for its outstanding friendliness and cleanliness, which we take pride in. And now we are taking one step further: we have adapted one of our massive rooms in the chapel to become a place where our guests can work in peace but still have the benefit of being surrounded by a positive and lively atmosphere.

And you may ask me: Gabi, but why would I choose to stay at Gardiner House instead of living in a house and renting a coworking space? That is a very good question! My answer to you is 1) rent in Dublin is super expensive so for you to find a nice place in a suitable location you will need to avail of a great amount of money; 2) besides paying for your house, you will also pay rent for your shared office space, which will, easily, cost you a minimum of €200 per month + transportation costs.

Money is not what it is all about either since you are also looking for comfort and convenience, right? We have all that for you right here. Besides having one of the highest cleaning rates among hostels in town, we make sure to have things running smoothly for you to enjoy all our facilities and common areas in the best way and feel like home. Last but not least, we are landlord hassle-free: no deposit when you book your stay and only 1-week notice is required - which gives you flexibility about how long to stay instead of making you commit to long leases that can be a barrier to your nomadic life!

I know you have a prior engagement arranged now, but maybe you could come around again tomorrow and I could tell you what it includes in the package deal? Ok, I will see you then!


To be continued on April 3rd! :)