Go Green, Go further

As a growing hospitality company, at Canbe we understand our responsibility in contributing to a better world through responsible, sustainable practices. Our ‘Go Green, Go Further’ plan maps our sustainability goals in a way that will make our business kinder to the environment and build a better future for all of us and generations to come.



At Canbe, we are all passionate travellers and world explorers who love our planet so much that we want to travel and get to know as much of it as possible in our lifetime. But this is just not feasible if we don't consider the impact the tourism industry has on climate change. We must minimise our impact and encourage responsible, sustainable travel. The Canbe team want to be part of the change and help to turn our industry into a more conscious, thoughtful one.

The first step towards any change is acknowledging the fact that a change is needed. We know we can do a lot more to build a greener future. We have researched, studied, and measured to learn more about the impact of our business and industry on the environment. Now we are raising awareness among our team so we can make a difference together as we implement new processes that will be kinder to the planet. We are also introducing our new philosophy and sustainability goals to our guests, so they can be part of the change with us.

In 2020, we started our journey to a more sustainable future for our company. We launched our new 'Go Further, Go Greener' sustainability program in 2021 and are now well on our way to achieving our sustainability goals.


We wouldn't be able to reach our green goals without having our guests on board with us. We raise awareness among our guests on how to limit impact on the environment in many ways. New signs have been placed around our properties to kindly remind our guests of how important it is to take small steps to make a difference together. Thank you for joining us on our green journey to becoming a more responsible, sustainable hospitality business! 


Remember you CANBE part of the change with us.

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