Covid-19: things to do during your quarantine

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The Coronavirus has surprised all of us, and even if your country isn't under lockdown, it's safest to avoid social interactions as much as possible and stay home. We've put together a list of things to do at home that go beyond just watching Netflix. These activities are not only fun but also stimulate creativity, making them perfect for these challenging times.


1. Play crossword


Playing crossword


Playing crossword puzzles may sound like a traditional activity, but it's an engaging way to learn. Crosswords not only entertain but also enhance your vocabulary. You might discover new words, prompting you to explore and learn more. Online platforms offer free crosswords, making it a convenient and enjoyable indoor activity. 


2. Listen to podcasts


Listening to podcasts


Podcasts offer a diverse range of topics to suit various interests. Whether you're cooking, cleaning, or relaxing, podcasts provide an immersive experience. From music to feminism, you can find podcasts on almost any subject. Give it a try and explore a new way of absorbing information.


3. Play board games


Playing board games


Board games are timeless and can be a great way to spend quality time indoors. From classic games like Monopoly to more contemporary options like Cards Against Humanity, board games cater to different preferences. Ensure you wash your hands before starting, and get ready for some entertaining moments.


 4. Netflix


Watching Netflix


Embrace the cliché and enjoy some time on Netflix. For a unique watch, consider "Blown Away," a competition among glassblowers worldwide, or "Explained," delving into intriguing and often taboo topics. Another recommendation, "This Is Us," is a compelling family narrative that might just bring a tear to your eye. 


5. Organize




Take this opportunity to declutter and organize your living space. Sorting through shelves or closets not only creates a tidier environment but also provides a sense of control and accomplishment. Donate what you don't need and arrange the remaining items neatly.


6. Exercise




You don't need to leave your home to stay active. Engage in indoor activities like cleaning with music to make it more enjoyable. Yoga is another excellent option for calming your mind, body, and soul. Focus on inhaling and exhaling to enhance concentration.


7. DIY




Explore do-it-yourself (DIY) projects using items you already have. Repurpose old and unused things for home decoration, a new bookshelf, or even a budget-friendly heater. Get creative while being mindful of safety.


8. Cook




Cooking and baking are not only practical skills but also enjoyable activities. Try out your favorite recipes or experiment with new ones. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to try new culinary creations.


9. Gardening




Gardening offers a relaxing and fulfilling pastime. Growing herbs and vegetables not only contributes to a healthier lifestyle but can also be a rewarding experience. No extensive knowledge is required; a quick online search will provide useful tips.


Stay home and safe, dear readers!


Much love,

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