Spooky places to visit in Ireland

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Ireland is the homeland of Halloween, and of course, there are plenty of spooky places to see around the country. If you are fond of adventuring yourself in some ghostly sites, October is the perfect month to be on the Emerald Island and enjoy the scary season. To help you in this adventure, we prepared a list of 7 haunted places to visit around Ireland: 


1. The Hellfire Club, County Dublin

The spooky structure of the Hellfire Club was found by Irish freemasons around 1735. Many scary stories are linked to the site, which is believed to be a place of animal sacrifice, and satanic rituals. To this day crows are attracted to the place after dark to try and find any paranormal activity.  The old structure is made out of rocks and wood and is located at the top of a hill in the Dublin Mountains area, which just makes the whole atmosphere even more spooky. If you enjoy nice views and visiting haunted spots, it should definitely be on your list when visiting Dublin.  

 Hell Fire Club Dublin


2. Loftus Hall, County Wexford

This large country house, located on the Hook peninsula, County Wexford, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Tottenham, forever traumatized by one day having the Devil himself as a guest in her house. Her still traumatized spirits can be spotted around the large hallways of the mansion. Unfortunately, since 2020 it is not possible to visit the house anymore, which was sold and has its future still uncertain. However, this is definitely a place to keep on your list when visiting Ireland, and we hope it will be reopened to the public soon. 


3. Belvelly Castle, County Cork

This 14th-century tower house overlooking the only bridge connecting Fota Island to Great Island is a truly haunted gem - if that is even a thing :D  Legend has it that Lady Margaret, who lived in the house during her lifetime, after having her heart broken by a prospective husband, had a fit of rage and broke all the mirrors in the tower. Until this day her ghost can be heard breaking mirrors around the big old house. You can see the Belvelly Castle from the outside when visiting Cobh, in county Cork, currently, the house is privately owned but it is still worth some photos. 


4. Coolbawn House, County Wexford

Now just an abandoned shell of the big mansion it once was, the Coolbawn House is considered one of the most haunted places in Ireland. From the outside, many visitors have claimed to see a girl standing at the window. The story says that one night, in the 19th century, a servant was struck by lightning and her ghost is still there watching the world go by.  It is not safe to visit the insides of the structure anymore, but visitors can have a look at the Coolbawn House from the outside when visiting Rathnure, in County Wexford. 


5. Ballygally Castle, County Antrim

This is a picturesque hotel on the coast of County Antrim, with amazing views of the oceans, However, the Ballygally Castle is also known as being one of the haunted places around Ireland. The story tells that Lady Isabella Shaw, who lived in the house with her husband, Lord James, was locked by him in the highest tower, and had her baby taken away from her. Desperately sad, Lady Isabella jumped (or was pushed?) from the window, falling all the way to the ocean. To this day, guests of the hotels have reported weird knocks on their doors during the night, and some have even said to hear Isabella screaming. Visitors can also take a look at the room where she was locked, but be prepared - it is very spooky. 


6. St Michan’s Church, Dublin 

This church looks like any other church in Ireland, but it has an incredibly creepy history. In the undergrounds of St Michan’s, you can find the Mummies of St. Michan, very well-preserved corpses that are in exhibition for the public. Visitors have reported hearing some weird whispers and strange sounds when checking out the place. Make sure you feel brave enough before going to this spooky spot! 

  7. Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast

This haunted spot is located in Northern Ireland, but it’s still just a short drive from Dublin to there. Crumlin Road Gaol was built in the Victorian era to be a prison and there are plenty of creepy stories about prisoners who died in the building. The place is closed all year but opens up its door each Halloween to host ghost-hunting experiences, paranormal investigations, and other scary attractions. 


Now you have a complete guide to the most spooky places in Ireland, and just in time for Halloween. If you want to find out more things to do around this season in Dublin, make sure to check out our blog and October agenda of events. 

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